Hauntings and Paranormal Activity

A haunting is a continual and repeated manifestations of strange and inexplicable sensory phenomenon.  These phenomenon can be smells, sounds, tactile sensations and occasionally sightings of smoky mists or black masses often in human like forms and are thought to be caused by ghosts or spirits attached to a certain locale.

The term “haunt” comes from the same root word as “home.”  Often times a haunted location is the former home of the deceased, or the spot near to or where the deceased passed from this world.  A haunting is a repeatedly occurring episode of paranormal activity.  There are two main kinds of haunting, residual and intelligent.

A haunting is energy, like a videotape, imprinted on time and space. Hauntings are one of the most well known and accepted areas of mystical study and investigation. They can be all to real at times, but are often  the product of an over active imagination.  Nearly every night of the week one is able to watch some sort of investigation into a reported case of paranormal activity on cable or satellite TV.

In most of the cases investigated high tech equipment and the currently available technology is used by the paranormal researchers and investigators and often times they reveal rather strange geomagnetic, electromagnetic, or other physical conditions that are thought to be the source of the reported experiences rather than the presence of a spirit or ghost.

The consciousness of a human can get very attached to a specific location while living.  It is thought that the spirit of that person may remain at that location for some time after physical death due to the personal feelings and desires of the individual.  In most cases it seems they do move on after a number of years.  It is during this time that the living sometimes have a run in with them.

A haunting is often associated with a chilling or cold sensation on the skin, but a natural  response to fear is hair raising up on the back of the neck or arms and this can be mistaken for the chill caused by an unseen entity.   One of the most important and yet inexpensive devices for catching evidence of a ghost is a digital thermometer.   It is believed that an entity trying to manifest itself sucks the energy out of the surrounding location, thus dropping the air temperature.

Someone who is sensitive or that has a natural psychic ability will more often be able to see, feel, or communicate with spirits or ghosts.  Sensations like a sudden drop in the room temperature or a feeling of a breeze through a closed room and occasionally the feeling of being touched, tugged at, or brushed past are other ways to tell if a location is truly haunted.   Visual sight is obviously the most convincing of all, but is the least reported paranormal activity.  Sensations of hair pulling, poking, and slight brushing up against the skin as though walking into a cobweb are more common types of a haunting or paranormal activity.

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