What are Ghosts

Ghosts are dead people who for some reason, either by design or personal desires are trapped in the earthly realm.  Quite often a ghost is the spirit of a person who died a horrible or unexpected death . Many people believe that ghosts are proof that a person lives on after death.

Ghosts are frequently found inhabiting a house or location where a murder has occurred.   Why do some murder victims stick around after their death?  They often died so quickly that they do not realize they are dead or they have an extreme desire for revenge against their killer.

Ghosts are often depicted as fascinating creatures of the supernatural. They float thought the air, appear and disappear at will and they often seem to possess a translucent quality like a wisp of cigarette smoke.  Ghosts are very rarely described as being something solid even though when seen they usually are described as  wearing very specific and easy to identify period clothing.  Ghosts more often make noise or noises,  occasionally move things around, or, in many cases produce a cold feeling in the air which is able to be verified with a simple thermometer.

Most ghosts are reported as completely invisible more often than not.  Sometimes these are spirits of people who are not even aware of the fact that they are dead.  Ghosts  rarely harm anyone.  The cases where injuries have occurred are extremely rare and no one should live their life in fear of the unseen.  If you have a spirit that is causing physical harm to you or your loved ones the first person you should call is a priest or someone of the holy cloth for guidance.

Ghostly entities can be captured on camera and on rare occasions are seen with the naked eye.  More often than actual camera footage is an EVP.  EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon.  This is a recording of a disembodied voice caught on a tape recorder or digital recorder.  Ghosts are believed to have a surviving emotional memory typical of someone who has died violently, traumatically and or tragically.
There is usually a lot of emotion left over from the violence and the ghost is not able to rest in peace until their death is redeemed.

Ghosts can often be angry spirits, robbed of their lives through circumstance not of their own free will. They resemble their corporeal shape, but are completely intangible.

Ghosts are simply the consciousness of people who used to walk the earth, but no longer have a physical body.  They can become angry and upset by rudeness or disrespect, but generally go about their own business and most people with a spirit living in their home learn to accept them and even joke about it with their loved ones and friends.

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